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Hobbit Holes

Experience Life in a Hobbit Hole…

Our 15 new Hobbit Holes are large underground living spaces with an amazing view over the Ullswater valley. They are superbly insulated, energy efficient, secure and virtually invisible unless you know where to look … hobbits like to blend into the local scenery! They are four times larger than a standard Camping Pod and are therefore suitable for larger families or those wanting a little more in the way of space and facilities.

The generous space is ideal for family living. The interior is 15m square and can accommodate up to 2 adults and 4 children. Inside there is a bench, table, heater, bin, lights, plugs and USB charge sockets. A large soft covered sleep ledge (3m x 2m) covers one end.

The simplicity of this accommodation and lack of soft furnishings lends itself to an ease of cleaning and fogging that makes it incredibly safe.

There is a kettle, microwave, fridge, WiFi, separate toilet and wash basin in each Hobbit Hole.

Availability (updated 11/6/21)

  • 29th June 1 night
  • 1st July 1 night
  • 19th July 1 night
  • 8th August 1 night
  • 11th August 1 night
  • 19th August 1 night
  • 22nd August 1 nights
  • 26th August 1 night
  • 30th August 2 nights
  • 30th August 3 nights
  • 31st August 1 night

A unique camping experience

Outside is a large covered patio with a magnificent view over to the lake and fells beyond. The sheltered patio area – providing a flat area suitable for portable BBQs – allows you to cook, admire the view and yet stay dry when the weather is less than its perfect self. A picnic table enables a real inside/outside living experience.

All you need to bring is your camping gear – minus the tent – and take advantage of all the facilities on offer on site. With no tent to erect or pack away, your holiday could just have become a whole lot less stressful.

Dogs are welcome in some of our Hobbit Holes. Please specify when booking.

What does it cost? One night will cost from £85 to £150 per night for up to 2 adults and up to 4 children.

Group bookings of up to two families/couples are only accepted after contacting the office. We reserve the right to decline a booking or charge a noise deposit.

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