Below are next Events happening in the local area around The Quiet Site. Perhaps an exciting annual event is happening during your stay with us? Find out below for dates and information.

Music in the Quiet Bar 2017

10th Feb      Pete Lashley

2nd Mar     Evie Plumb  VW weekend

3rd Mar     Pete Lashley VW weekend

17th Mar     Dawn Foster

24th Mar     Pete Lashley

1st April     Dawn Foster

14thApril     Evie Plumb

21st April    Pete Lashley

28th Apr      Dawn Foster

5th May       Fiona Hanlon

19th May  Boogy Woogy Will

28th May     Pete Lashley

31st May      Fiona Hanlon

9th  June      Fiona Hanlon

June   Stowe School Big band

23rd June     Pete Lashley

30th June     Fiona Hanlon

23nd July     Fiona Hanlon

5th  Aug      Pete Lashley

12th Aug     Evie Plumb

19th Aug     Pete Lashley

26th Aug     Evie Plumb

1st Sep        Fiona Hanlon

8th Sep        Pete Lashley

15th Sep Boogy Woogy Will

29th Sep       Evie Plumb

6th  Oct         Pete Lashley

13th Oct        Evie Plumb

21st Oct         Pete Lashley

9th Nov  Evie Plumb               VW weekend

10th Nov Pete Lashley            VW weekend

17th Nov  Pete Lashley

30th Nov Evie Parton              Country Weekend

1st Dec Pete Cash                   Country Weekend

29th Dec  Evie Plumb

30th Dec   Richard Gardener

31st Dec   Pete Lashley

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