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Latest News

As the people of the world face unprecedented measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 we took the decision on Saturday 21st March to close The Quiet Site until further notice.    Now is the time to Stay Home and not to visit the lakes.

We have issued credit notes to all our booked guests as a precaution.  These credit notes are valid for 2 years (some of the earlier credit notes state that they were just valid for 12 months, please ignore that, they will all be valid for 2 years from the start date of the original booking).  Original booking restrictions will still apply though.

We are facing many 100’s of bookings that may not be able to visit us. The full financial implications fall on us as our business interruption insurance policy does not cover this eventually.

I would personally like to thank everyone who has agreed to accept credit notes (and this is the vast majority of you).  Your decision will allow us to be here for you in the future. You are enabling us to provide holidays to everyone who has booked, rather than providing just a few refunds.   You are absolute superstars and we will not forget you.  I am working on a few projects to show our gratitude and make your credit note worth more to you than the value printed on it.

The Quiet Team met to discuss options and I was so proud to hear them all unselfishly support our decision to close before they knew that the Government would help to protect their jobs. The whole team is now furloughed until we reopen.

We are registered with the local authority to provide accomodation for NHS workers, key workers and others in urgent need. It would be great to be able to welcome again.

The world has taken a turn for the surreal. We are all facing challenges of epic proportions and need to do the right thing.

The Quiet Site will still be here, looking out over Ullswater, waiting for you to return.  We have opened our online booking for 2021. Gift Voucher are also available online.

Myself and the Quiet team hope you are all safe and look forward to welcoming you back to the Lakes when the time is right.

Lastly,  please email if you wish to make contact. Although the shop door is closed I am delivering groceries to anyone in the local area who can not get out. Again, please email me with your requirements.


The Quiet Times

Day 16 Site Patrol

Day 16 Site PatrolJoin us on one of our regular site checks.. Hobbit Holes ✅Camping Pods ✅Glamping Cabins ✅Static Caravans ✅Zero Waste Shop ✅The Quiet Bar ✅Pitches ✅Play park ✅Cottages ✅Chocolate stock 🙄Stay Home – Help the NHS – Save lives

Posted by The Quiet Site on Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Join us on one of our regular site checks..
Hobbit Holes ✅
Camping Pods ✅
Glamping Cabins ✅
Static Caravans ✅
Zero Waste Shop ✅
The Quiet Bar ✅
Pitches ✅
Play park ✅
Cottages ✅
Chocolate stock 🙄
Stay Home – Help the NHS – Save lives

Day 14 Competition Winner

Congratulations John Rutherford on winning 3 nights in a Hobbit Hole. Please email the office to organise your holiday which you can take as soon as we reopen. Apologies for the delay in announcing this win. Mother has been very busy self isolating ! *photo from last month. Here is the winning entry:
“The lake district is synonymous with beauty, my love of the lakes spans 10’s of years, I vividly remember hiking up Helvellyn with my dad, and reaching the top, scoffing egg sandwiches and keeping warm by supping tea to now spending time with my own family. We love the lakes. It’s beauty, it’s tranquility, it’s darkness and it’s friendliness – using a hobbit hole and the quiet site as a base would add to our already precious memories ❤️”
For now Stay Home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Day 13 Vegetable Patch

‘The Quiet Patch’ was born today! We will now be able to grow vegetables for our Zero Waste Shop. What would you like us to plant?
Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Day 12. Webcams

While we enter our second weekend of either being ‘Locked down’ or working for the NHS or doing a key job (Thank you so much) here are some lovely lakeland webcams for you to look at:
1. The Quiet Site
2 Blencathra
3 Glenridding
4 Ullswater

Stay home – protect the NHS – Save lives

Day 11 Holiday Sketch

Thank you to Dr Victoria Smith for her sketch of a Hobbit Hole. Hope to see you again! We all love to see your drawings and photos of The Quiet Site.

Day 10 Brow Cottage

Those of you that have visited us before will recognise the seat you pass just before arriving at The Quiet Site. Next time you pass just look in the field to the left of the seat and you will see some large random stones poking out of the grass. Look more closely and you will notice that they are the foundation stones of a building. That building was Brow Cottage and was last standing in 1903. What a view they had from the windows! Imagine what it would be like to live there!
Stay home- Protect the NHS – Save lives

Day 9. Birdsong

Day 9. The birdsong today is deafening.. 🦅 🎶 Turn sound on.Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Posted by The Quiet Site on Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The birdsong today is deafening.. 🦅 🎶 Turn sound on.
Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Day 8.  Paper work.

Today the Quiet team were furloughed. Many live on site so I will still see them about. The whole team are ready to restart at a moments notice.
Stay home – Protect the NHS – Save lives

Day 7  Time to stand up

BRITAIN’S caravan and camping parks are starting to swap holiday guests for key NHS workers and others in urgent need of accommodation during the coronavirus crisis. As an industry much of our accommodation is ‘outside’ so perfect for distancing individuals.
Here at the Quiet Site our team have prepared cottages, Hobbit Holes and Glamping Cabins and wait hoping we too can help out.

Nigel Huddleston MP, our tourism minister, fully supports reopening the thousands of parks mothballed last week in a move coordinated by our trade body, the BHHPA and Westminster to help beat the virus.
The message stays the same again: Stay Home and protect the National Health service

Day 6  Letter from Italy


Day 5 Reflections

I am 56 years old and very grateful to the NHS for a lifetime of care:
1. 1969 for nursing my brother and I back to health after I fed us both poisonous berries
2. 1971 For patching me up after I jumped of the garage roof with only a plastic bag as a parachute.
3. 1980 For scraping me off the road and saving my life after a serious road accident which put me in intensive care for a week and hospital for 3 months with a smashed head and leg.
4. 1980 for looking after my father with skill and care as he died of leukaemia
5. 1982 for fixing up a broken leg again after a riding accident
6. For skilfully delivering each of my children into the world
7. 2004, 2008 and 2014 for mending each of my children’s broken legs (wonder who they take after..)
8. 2014 For a new hip (due to 1980 RTA)
9. 2019 Rushing my child to hospital after collapsing
10.2020 For looking after the country’s CV-19 sick and dying despite huge personal danger.

I have had a lucky life, but it would not have happened without the NHS.

Now is the time to stay home, stay safe and let the NHS get on with saving lives.

Day 4 Televised Message

The BBC visited to ask our opinion on todays governments message to anyone thinking about touring with a caravan or motorhome in the countryside.

Our friends and relative’s safety is far more important than a dip in Lake, or a climb up a Mountain.

Once this is all over, the countryside will be still here.

So for now the message remains the same: Stay Home – Help the NHS – Save Lives

Day 3    George’s 21st

The Quiet Team had reason to celebrate today, as our youngest member turned 21 years old.

Happy Birthday to George.

We all hope you’re able to celebrate this milestone properly once the world returns to normal.

But even on this special day our thoughts remain firmly with the country.

It’s a testament to the people who love and visit the lakes that today I have not seen one visitor in the Ullswater valley – thank you.

The message remains:
Stay at Home – Protect the NHS – Save Lives

Day 2  Guests

There is a calm serenity over the Lake District this morning, as the lockdown takes hold and the scale of the challenge ahead of us begins to sink in. As we stare down the barrel of 3 weeks in lockdown, we are fortunate the bulk of our staff live on site. While observing the strict distancing rules we continue to undertake closing the site down for the first time in decades.

The first thing one realises is that its the guests who make a holiday park.  Its a beautiful spring day, birds are singing their hearts out, daffodils are everywhere and the site looks amazing… But the heart of the park is not beating. It took me a while to realise what was wrong, but I now know,  it is you that is missing.

Our lovely shop that would normally be buzzing with guests is now just open to locals who are maybe short of supplies. A delivery service for the most vulnerable is operating in the weeks and months ahead.

The Quiet team are so looking forward to welcoming you back.  We need you to make our park whole again.

But for now our thoughts are with the country as we face this pandemic together.



Day 1    Lock Down

Today was a momentous day for us at The Quiet Site. We closed our doors for the foreseeable future due to the threat posed by Coronavirus. The rules of the game have changed for us all.  We pride ourselves on our hospitable excellence but from Monday 22nd March 2020 we’ve had to turn our attention to the inhospitable.

Sarah, Emily, Jen, Charlotte, Mel, Peter and George are currently working flat out to contact our booked guests and to issue credit notes to all who have had their plans ruined by this virus.   We are coming to terms with a campsite that is eerily quiet, even for The Quiet Site.

Owen the Barman mothballed the bar, emptying the beer lines and clearing out the wines. The famous Olde Worldr Bar which has rung out with music, laughter and frivolity for 5 decades has fallen silent.

We don’t know as yet what the new world will look like but when it comes we will embrace it. But until then we will take care of a part of the world that many of our guests think of as their spiritual home.

The message tonight is

Your Unique Lake District Experience

Ideally situated in Ullswater, the very heart of Cumbria’s Lake District National Park, there’s no better place to stay. Enjoy the stunning scenery that The Quiet Site is nestled in and enjoy the local walks, fells, lakes, cycle tracks, shops and so much more.

Glamping & Camping Accommodation Options

Ideally situated in Ullswater, the very heart of Cumbria’s Lake District National Park

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