Often described as the Best Bar in Britain, the Quiet Bar at The Quiet Site has a unique atmosphere! To many the bar represents a great place to swap stories and tales about the day’s events within ancient stone walls heated by a huge log fire.

The original building was erected in early 16th century.  It is attached to the farmhouse in the traditional Cumbrian Long barn style. The barn was rebuilt in 1680 and then again in 1752. The Barn was converted into a bar in 1963. Little has been changed to the main structure since the original conversion.

There is a separate playroom with table football and air hockey and pool.

The Bar is open between 4pm and 10pm everyday of the year.   We are open to all.  Live music most weeks.

The Quiet Bar


The bar sells a good selection of beers headed up by ales brewed at the local Tirril Brewery. These include Ullswater Blonde,

Premium Pilsner  and our latest offering – ‘The Quiet Pint’ – an ale guaranteed to satisfy even the hardest of fell walkers!

Our own brew – ‘The Quiet Pint’ – is also available to buy in the site shop.  Cider is also available on tap.

We sell locally distilled spirits including: Lakes Gingerbread Vodka, Sticky Toffee Pudding Rum, Herdwick Gin, Kendal Mint Cake Vodka, Rhubarb Gin, Elderflower Gin, Slow Gin and Lakes Vodka.

Bar Prices (January 2024)

All Pints £5,  All Half Pints £3. Bottle Beer from £3,  Spirits from £4, Wine by the glass between £5 and £6.50 for 175ml. Wine by the bottle between £20 and £33.  Champagne £50 -£55.   Soft drinks £2-£4

The bar area is always open through the day for guests to enjoy. The bar is open EVERY DAY from 4pm for drinks..! (Self service on Xmas day!)

We hope you enjoy visiting the bar but do ask you to remember to leave as quietly as possible!

2024 Live Music – 7pm – 9pm

  •  20th Jan Sat    ​​Pete Lashley
  •  27th Jan Sat    ​​Jordan Worsfold
  • 3rd Feb Sat​​      Rachel Kraft
  • 11th Feb Sun​​    Pete Lashley
  • 14th Feb Wed​​  Jordan Worsfold  (Valentines day)
  • 18th Feb Sun ​​ Pete Lashley
  • 25th Feb Sun​​  Pete Lashley
  • 3rd Mar Sun​​   Rachel Kraft
  • 10th Mar Sun​​  Pete Lashley
  • 17th Mar Sun​​  Jordan Worsfold
  • 24th Mar Sun​​ Pete Lashley
  • 1st Apr Mon​​    Rachel Kraft
  • 8th Apr Mon​​   Ged Hagan
  • 14th Apr Sun​​   Pete Lashley
  • 21st Apr Sun​​    Jordan Worsfold
  • 28th Apr Sun​​   Rachel Kraft
  • 6th May Mon​​  Ged Hagan
  • 12th May Sun​​  Pete Lashley
  • 19th May Sun  ​​Rachel Kraft
  • 26th May Sun​​  Pete Lashley
  • 2nd June Sun​​  Pete Lashley
  • 9th June Sun ​​  Ged Hagan
  • 16th June Sun ​ Rachel Kraft
  • 23rd June Sun​  Pete Lashley
  • 30th June Sun​  Jordan Worsfold
  • 7th July Sun​​     Pete Lashley
  • 14th July Sun​​   Pete Lashley
  • 21st July Sun​​    Rachel Kraft
  • 28th July Sun​​   Ged Hagan
  • 4th Aug Sun​​      Jordan Worsfold
  • 11th Aug Sun​​     Pete Lashley
  • 18th Aug Sun​​    Rachel Kraft
  • 25th Aug Sun​​    Pete Lashley
  • 1st Sept Sun ​​     Ged Hagan
  • 8th Sept Sun​​     Pete Lashley
  • 15th Sept Sun​​    Pete Lashley
  • 22nd Sept Sun​  Jordan Worsfold
  • 29th Sept Sun​​   Pete Lashley
  • 6th Oct ​Sun​​       Rachel Kraft
  • 13th Oct Sun​​     Jordan Worsfold
  • 20th Oct Sun​​    Pete Lashley
  • 27th Oct Sun​​    Pete Lashley
  • 3rd Nov Sun​​     Pete Lashley
  • 10th Nov Sun​​   Rachel Kraft
  • 17th Nov Sun​​   Pete Lashley
  • 23rd Nov Sat​​   Jordan Worsfold
  • 30th Nov Sat​​    Rachel Kraft
  • 7th Dec Sat ​​     Pete Lashley
  • 14th Dec Sat​​    Pete Lashley
  • 29th Dec Sun​​   Jordan Worsfold
  • 30th Dec Mon ​ Ged Hagan
  • 31st Dec Tues​​   Pete Lashley

Live Music in the bar 2024 - Time normally 7pm -9pm

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