The Quiet Bite

We are really excited to have opened a new food outlet for The Quiet Site, called The Quiet Bite!  Producing simple quality food in a sustainable way with no waste was the plan and we think we have got fairly close!

The roof is constructed from PV solar panels providing the energy for the Crepe machine, coffee machine, lights and fridges. The pizza oven is heated using local wood.   All ingredients are fresh and wherever possible locally sourced.  An Off-Grid eating experience that won’t cost the earth.

No throwaway packaging is being used so. Pizzas, crepes and hot drinks are being served with china plates and cups. Please return when finished!  You are welcome to bring your own reusable cups.

We are producing simple Bacon Rolls and Crepe based breakfasts in the morning.  Our Pizzeria serves stone baked wood fired pizzas made with fresh ingredients and fresh dough, home tomato sauce all prepared daily.

Coffee, Teas, Cakes and Fresh Soup are available throughout the day.  Remember you can use one of our 22KW car chargers while you have a pizza..!


Hot Drinks, Cake and Biscuits

Served 9.00am to 7.30pm
Expresso £1.8
Americano £2.2
Latte £2.5
Cappuccino £2.5
Mocha £2.8
Flat White £2.5
Hot Chocolate £3
English Breakfast £1.50
Green Tea £1.50
Earl Grey £1.50
Lap Sang Su Chong  £1.5

Fresh Cake  £3 per slice

Home Made Biscuits £1

Fresh Soup £3.5

Breakfast Crepe

Served 9.00am to 11.00am

Lemon and Sugar Crepe
£3 for One   £5 for Two
Chocolate Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe
£3.5 for One  £6 for Two

Bacon and Maple syrup  £3.50 for One  £6 for Two


Bacon Roll  £3.50


Served 5.00pm to 7.30pm
Margherita £9
Pepperoni £10
Prosciutto Ham and Garlic Mushroom £10
Mediterranean Vegetable £10
Bolognese £11 (occasionally)

Garlic Bread £5

Soup £3.5