It’s great to see so many happy faces this summer. Like most holiday parks we are really busy this year and the Quiet Team is at full stretch having to fill in for those self isolating. As there are some new guests around this year so we thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of principles we operate by:
☑️ Be respectful to other guests, neighbours and our local community ✊
☑️ Keep noise to a minimum after 9pm. If your neighbours can hear you or your music then it is too loud. No noise after 10pm please 🎶
☑️ Drive slowly approaching the site and even more slowly on the site 🚙
☑️ Monitor your children 👶
☑️ Sort your recycling out. One black bin bag full of everything does not work for us 🗑
☑️ Please turn off your lights when leaving accommodations 💡and don’t waste valuable commodities.
☑️ No fires on site 🔥
☑️ Follow the Countryside Code
All of our regular guests already know how we operate so this message is just for the new ones!
Have fun and hopefully see you soon.
Daniel and the Quiet Team.