There is a calm serenity over the Lake District this morning, as the lockdown takes hold and the scale of the challenge ahead of us begins to sink in. As we stare down the barrel of 3 weeks in lockdown, we are fortunate the bulk of our staff live on site. While observing the strict distancing rules we continue to undertake closing the site down for the first time in decades.

The first thing one realises is that its the guests who make a holiday park.  Its a beautiful spring day, birds are singing their hearts out, daffodils are everywhere and the site looks amazing… But the heart of the park is not beating. It took me a while to realise what was wrong, but I now know,  it is you that is missing.

Our lovely shop that would normally be buzzing with guests is now just open to locals who are maybe short of supplies. A delivery service for the most vulnerable is operating in the weeks and months ahead.

The Quiet team are so looking forward to welcoming you back.  We need you to make our park whole again.

But for now our thoughts are with the country as we face this pandemic together.