I am 56 years old and very grateful to the NHS for a lifetime of care:
1. 1969 for nursing my brother and I back to health after I fed us both poisonous berries
2. 1971 For patching me up after I jumped of the garage roof with only a plastic bag as a parachute.
3. 1980 For scraping me off the road and saving my life after a serious road accident which put me in intensive care for a week and hospital for 3 months with a smashed head and leg.
4. 1980 for looking after my father with skill and care as he died of leukaemia
5. 1982 for fixing up a broken leg again after a riding accident
6. For skilfully delivering each of my children into the world
7. 2004, 2008 and 2014 for mending each of my children’s broken legs (wonder who they take after..)
8. 2014 For a new hip (due to 1980 RTA)
9. 2019 Rushing my child to hospital after collapsing
10.2020 For looking after the country’s CV-19 sick and dying despite huge personal danger.

I have had a lucky life, but it would not have happened without the NHS.

Now is the time to stay home, stay safe and let the NHS get on with saving lives.