Here are 10 things we would like to see happen in 2022:

  1. Make our park more nature friendly – more trees, hedges and wild flowers, less mowed grass.
  2. Install a second district heat main to remove the last static caravan gas boilers on site.
  3. Pilot a project to move guests around the valley without their private cars.
  4. To continue to support good causes by providing free holidays.
  5. Generate more than of the 75% of the energy we use.
  6. Increase our number of electric vehicles we operate.
  7. Build some high quality energy positive staff accommodation.
  8. The creation of a safe path from Penrith Station to Ullswater for Pedestrians and cycles.
  9. For our static caravan manufacturing industry to speed up the transition to producing a sustainable product.
  10. For our politicians to grow up and work together to tackle the climate crisis.